At a time when we’re feeling more uninspired and “meh” than ever, is there anything we can do to jumpstart the imaginative parts of our brains?

Living through a creative drought can be infuriating, especially when you need a steady flow of ideas to pay the bills.

Whether you’re making art, music, or coming up with fresh content to promote your business, when inspiration dries up it can leave you wracked with self-doubt and, annoyingly, less…

The moon leans down, large and white.

My eyes are closed but I see you in my dreams. You are standing over me. Your wine-coloured mouth is saying something, I see the shapes.

It’s not good, this thing we’re in. This space. You are asking me something, pleading.

The sheets…

Nena’s 1983 smash hit 99 Red Balloons is a reliable staple of every 1980s compilation CD and the soundtrack to many a drunken wedding disco. Yet its catchy-like-a-cold hooks belie a more serious political message.

The song was inspired by a trip to a Rolling Stones concert in West Berlin…

Penny Brazier

Copywriting | Content Strategy | Comms

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